Help Clutch and his friends overcome all for the greater good of the Bros!


Clutch, Talker Ranger, Vester, and more need your help! Dodge obstacles, leap boundaries and travel further and further to help the Bros fight against the opposing soldiers.


Press space (tap on mobile) to jump. The longer you hold, the higher your Bro will jump.

Justice Runner

See how far you can advance Clutch, Duck, Vester and the rest of the bros on their quest for justice! Leap from platform to platform, dodging obstacles to rack up a rad score.

Hitting obstacles will cause you to slow down. Avoid obstacles by jumping over them.


Run N' Gun

Help T-800 Model Awesome, Yaya, Talker and the gang round up baddies! With the option between automatic and semi-automatic weapon(which are bro dependent), fight your way through all obstacles and enemies.

Use the left mouse button to shoot. Colliding with enemies and crates will slow you down. There are power-ups boxes shown below:



                    Collect for more health.



                    Collect to increase score.



                    Collect to slow down, without getting damaged.


How long can you fend off the enemies as Clutch?

Press Space to jump and use the left mouse button to shoot. Use W, A, and D to move and climb.

This page is under construction: More info will come soon.

Bro-Tastic Menu
Single-Player Menu
Justice Runner
Run N' Gun
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